Onsite Maintenance Programs

Proper maintenance of your batteries and chargers is extremely important to ensure that they are performing as rated. At RBS we understand that not everyone is or wants to be a battery expert so we've put together some customizable programs to help maintain your fleet.

Some of the onsite maintenance services we provide include:

  • Battery Wash Agreements to ensure your batteries are OSHA compliant
  • Battery Watering Agreements to ensure your batteries are getting watered properly
  • Battery and Charger PM Agreements to check everything out and ensure that your equipment is performing as it should

Onsite Repair Services

We understand that if a battery or charger is not working that directly affects your bottom line. Our service trucks are outfitted with common parts of multiple battery and charger manufacturers so that we can get your equipment repaired and back working as quickly as possible. We do our best to get repairs taken care of within 24 hours of receiving the call and it is our mission to get issues resolved during the first trip.

New Equipment Installation

To help you ensure that your batteries and chargers get installed and in service quickly and safely, we will send a trained technician to your location to both deliver and install the equipment for you. Our technicians are also trained in complete battery room installations and we can help with installation of battery extractor units, gantry cranes, battery stands, barriers, wash cabinets, and much more. Recently we've become certified electricians in the state of CA and can help whether you need to add to an existing electrical panel, put in a new panel or just move some existing electrical to a new part of your battery room.