Some would argue that having a premium charger is more important than having a premium battery. We work to partner with manufacturers that are using the highest industry standards and our charger offerings are no exception. Some of our most popular offerings are listed below.

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Hawker LifePlus mod3

Patented LIFEPLUS® MOD3 chargers – the result of more than 30 years of high-frequency, smart charging experience – are the smartest and most energy-efficient chargers in the business. The LIFEPLUS® MOD3 high-frequency switch-mode IONIC smart charger offers five different charge profile options for operational flexibility: IONIC, cold storage, ENVIROLINK™, TPPL, and opportunity charging. The LIFEPLUS® MOD3 charger series provides peak efficiency and non-stop power while reducing your battery charging costs, water consumption, and battery maintenance and repair costs.

Hawker PTO Mod3

This high-frequency charger provides economical opportunity charging capabilities and an adjustable I-U-I conventional charging profile. The opportunity profile allows operators to plug in for a quick charge during break times. The PTO™ MOD3 charger has a start rate of up to 25% of the battery’s rated capacity or the maximum output of the charger (whichever is less) to consistently maintain the battery’s state of charge in opportunity mode. The battery is then completely charged daily via the charger’s constant current finish charge to bring the battery back to full capacity.


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Hawker lifespeed mod3

As HAWKER®’s most advanced modular charger, the LIFESPEED® MOD3 represents the latest innovation of high-frequency switch-mode smart chargers. LIFESPEED® MOD3 modules are the most flexible in the industry, operating as a fast, IONIC, or opportunity charger. The LIFESPEED® MOD3 charger series delivers optimum charging, peak efficiency, and non-stop power while reducing charging costs and energy demands.

LIFESPEED® MOD3 chargers utilize patented AccelRate® technology to create a unique charge algorithm. When combined with the exceptional efficiency and power factor of high-frequency switch-mode technology, these chargers can recharge batteries 3-5 times faster than conventional units. Coupled with the wireless Battery Boss® WC, this patented charge algorithm enables the LIFESPEED® MOD3 chargers to automatically adapt to battery voltage, AH capacity, and state of charge. This provides a 100% amphere hour return from an 80% DoD in just 2-3 hours while avoiding excessive heat generation.